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Tips for Grant Proposal Budgets

Posted on December 31st, 2010 under Grant Writing Tips.

A foundation Program Officer said recently, “Don’t forget that expressed interest does not equal grant making! You still need to do your homework, follow our submission instructions and convince us that you’re worthy of funding.”

Most agencies don’t quantify the value their volunteers at a high enough level. Don’t forget the time all your Board members dedicate to helping you. Be sure to capture ALL those hours that community members donate to your work.

Be sure to include a percentage of your Executive Director’s salary (and other management or key staff) in EACH of your program budgets. For example, if your Executive Director works 20% on one program and 25% on another every month, make sure you allocate these percentages (and the accompanying benefits package percentages) in each program budget. This helps you recapture costs you won’t otherwise get funded.

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