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Welcome to the EXPRESSIONS website. I’m Miriam Houghton, founder of EXPRESSIONS, based in Sacramento, California. I provide grant writing, consulting, and training services for non-profit agencies and businesses. For the past 33 years, I’ve been privileged to have a wealth of exciting opportunities to help clients raise money for programs that matter. It’s been a tradition in my family for several generations to help children, families, women, men and communities in a variety of ways. My vision is to continue this tradition using my excellent writing and organizational skills to express just the right argument to the right funder at the right time.

Since 1985, I have helped clients and employers raise more than $109.054 million in funding and fee revenue. I have now written more than 1,400 proposals, reviewed almost 800 additional proposals, and trained more than 6,400 people, showing them basic “nuts and bolts” ways to write proposals and stay relatively sane in the process!

In December 2014, I was chosen as the Outstanding Fundraising Professional for 2015 by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, California’s Capital Chapter. As part of the nomination, my peers said about me, “Miriam draws from her years of experience to help guide agencies to successful grants. … She is particularly adept as blending in with the organization’s existing staff … becoming fluent in the “language” of that client so that the proposal truly reflects the organization’s voice and vision and articulates its passion. She has also the objective perspective to guide the client in identifying potential shortcomings and how to deal with them.”

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